Tatu Vuorio

Street spirit

Disciplines Jewellery

Released 2009

Street spirit, Jewelry concept, Ring, necklace, bracelet and brooch

Rhinoceros and 3d print on plastic

Life is made of many kind of lines. Many times they are going straight, but some times there are crossroads
which makes us to think different possibilities and push us to decide new way. Everyone of us has own way
and road to move through life and time. Often we are using map for the purpose of not getting lost. Actually
we are never lost, we are just going different road to same way of life. Sometimes it is just good to close eyes
and let the wind blow destiny to right rails. Still we need maps to remember where we are coming from and
where are we going to.

I have done my collection to show these values of life and living. It has been designed for unisex use, because
we are walking same street, so why we cant use same jewelry also. It is not easy task to design jewelry collection
for unisex use, but I think that for this time I managed to get sensitivity and dynamics to same set. I
did straight lines through the bordered playground, but did not forget either the crossroads. I twisted the walls
to have nice contradiction between shiny high polished top surface and stone brushed inner and outer wall
surface. In jewelry there are empty spaces where you can also see through. This makes wonderful atmosphere
between interior and exterior. Walking at the streets of peace, you can imagine to be in the middle of rice field
or between high skyscrapers. This makes spirit of our time and shows the way for future.

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