Yiu Kwok

Miscellaneous artworks and scribbles by Yiu

Disciplines Graphic design

The following is an explaination of the artworks.

Picture 1.) Girl With A Pearl Earring (Johannes Vermeer)
This was a one view out of four views home work assignment done on pencil and paper. Looking back at it now, it's way off of Vermeer's original. I got a D or D- for this. It broke my GPA.

Picture 2 and 3.) Necronomicon (H.R. Giger)
These two drawing are facsimile painting I did based on H.R. Giger's Necronomicon. The medium are ink and paper. I did this when I was sixteen.

Picture 4,5,6.) Jo and Ray
These three are manga arts that I did years ago on computer. I have move on from traditional ink and paper to tablet.

Picture 7,8.) Scribbles
These are scribbles that I drew while taking the bus home. The tremble and shaking of the bus can be quite a challenge. My commute was about a hour each way. Today I still scribble when I commute.

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