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Rado and Blackberry launch design project

By Radostar on May 6th, 2011 | Design
with ECAL and Barber Osgerby

Masters students at ECAL (University of art Lausanne) have been invited to explore the concepts of time and communication by two future-orientated and iconic brands. Kicking off at the beginning of May, with a dedicated workshop led by British design duo Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the project will culminate with a final presentation on 16 June 2011 in Lausanne.

Rado and Blackberry joined forces in this initiative as a result of their shared commitment to supporting young design talent. Participants will develop a concept which should push the boundaries of time, communication, mobility and luxury.

Watch this space to discover the submitted designs…

Unlimited Spirit. RADO.

Art video of the month - Light Sculptures

By Radostar on May 5th, 2011 | Design

by Sydney Cash

Sydney Cash is a sculptor, painter and jeweler. His work is in collections worldwide, including MoMA in NYC, and Le Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. He has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York Foundation for the Arts. He is based in Marlboro, New York.

With his light sculptures, Sydney manipulates light as if it were a solid, using mirrored panels to create radiant designs of illumination and shadow. These panels can transform an ordinary beam of light and a blank wall into a composite of design.

Art video of the month- Zipper Jewelry

By Radostar on Apr 14th, 2011 | Design

by Kate Cusack

Kate Cusack’s zipper jewelry is a culmination of her experiences transforming unusual materials in the world of costume design, window displays and sculptural/wearable designs. The pieces Kate creates are made from seemingly mundane materials and come to life when they are worn.

Kate crafts each piece by hand using nothing but zippers.
She is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Herrmann Trebsche's installation at the Rado Store in Vienna:

Rado iPhone App - DESIGN COMPASS

By Radostar on Mar 28th, 2011 | Design


Art and design lovers have the world’s top art and design addresses at their fingertips with the new iPhone application from the design-savvy Swiss watch brand Rado. The Rado application, created in collaboration with Turnleft, producer of the highly collectable, vintage-style city guides, brings information on 24 international metropolises, from Beijing to Basel, and from Moscow to Mumbai, to iPhone users everywhere. This application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store free of charge.

Time for city life
Whether users have an hour or a week to spend, the Rado Design Compass ensures that they make the most of every minute in their chosen location. This mobile city guide with an eye for art and design is well researched, frequently updated and guaranteed not to take up any extra space or weight allowance in luggage, handbags or pockets. The cities currently covered are Amsterdam, Barcelona, Basel, Beijing, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dubai, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and Vienna. Within each city guide are dedicated sections on city information, architecture, art, design and fashion, comprising 302 geo-located objects. Images and videos bring welcome dimensions of colour and reality.

Meeting-point for diverse interests
The application’s content satisfies diverse needs, whether the traveler is looking for an architectural icon to admire, an underground exhibition to explore, or the stores offering a particular city’s best retail therapy. Interactivity and community feature in the form of a quiz with ten questions to assess individual design knowledge levels, from beginner to pro. Users can even share results with Facebook friends via the application, potentially challenging them to expose their own know-how.

Download on the App Store

Art video of the month - SOFTLAB

By Radostar on Mar 28th, 2011 | Design

by Michael Szivos & Jose Gonzalez

Architects Michael Szivos and Jose Gonzalez believe the foundation for a good design is a great idea. Their studio, SOFTlab, was created as a place to incubate ideas, and their projects are created with the potential to adapt and grow. Michael and Jose like projects with personality, but they like projects that talk back even more.

Chromatex.me is a site-specific installation at Bridge Gallery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The instillation is made of 4600 panels. Each panel has a unique color and shape, and the structure is held together entirely by binder clips.

Young creatives in the streets of Taiwan

By Radostar on Dec 23rd, 2010 | Events
December 23rd 2010



BATIK ART by Yi-Jie Zhang

POST IT ART by Bang Yao Liu

Design Preis Schweiz 2011

By Radostar on Nov 11th, 2010 | Events

Design Preis Schweiz 2011 & Rado Product Design Award

Langenthal, November 5th to 7th. The prestigious Design Preis Schweiz has announced the start of its competition for 2011. A renowned international jury, will again choose also the winner of the Rado Product Design Award.

"The Rado Product Design Award allocates designers who show a creative approach to the usage of materials and aesthetics", says Roland Streule, President of Rado Watches. "We are very curious to know which young talent will be granted with our award by the international jury next year."

Apply now!

Kontakt Design Preis Schweiz:
Heidi Wegener
Tel.: +41 44 923 53 42
Mobil: +41 79 758 12 50

Rado Young Design Prize China, 2011

By Radostar on Nov 5th, 2010 | Events

November 5, 2010, Shanghai – Announcement of the first open competition of the Rado Young Design Prize 2011 in China.

The introduction of the competition was held at the Roosevelt Club in Shanghai, attended by Jasper Morrison, the grand prize winners of the Rado Young Design Prize 2010 and the winner of the design contest for the Rado booth at 100% Design Shanghai, as well as Yang Mingjie, well-known Chinese industrial designer.

“The Rado Young Design Prize serves as the platform for young designers to demonstrate their talents and creativity; now it is landing in China with the expectation of finding the chinese interpretation of Unlimited Spirit to share with the world and in addition promoting Chinese young design talents so that more people around the globe will know about the creativity and vitality of Chinese design.”, said Patric Zingg.

The competition will be kicked-off in 2011 with a website to submit the works here rydp.radostar.com/cn. All categories are welcome, envisaging an unlimited spirit when it comes to pioneering techniques, innovative materials and visionary design.

Already running in other countries such as the Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, and many other countries, where it has been attracting young design talents worldwide while helping them to realize their dreams of showcasing their design talents to the world, the "Rado Young Design Prize, China 2011" will inevitably become the platform to be for the Chinese young design talents.

November 4th, 2010, Shanghai – For the 2nd time, the Rado Young Design Prize was awarded at 100% Design Shanghai on November 4th. The prize with the theme “Designed in China” aims to introduce vibrant and new products to the market and encourages Chinese designer to present original works that express China’s creative potential in the realm of interior design.

Among the 325 student and 97 professional submissions in 2010, 11 student and 12 professional projects were selected by a renowned jury consisting of Kenya Hara, Chairman of the Japanese Design Center and consultant at Muji; Donna Loveday, Head of Curatorial at the Design Museum; Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, Professor of Graphic Design and President of Yale University School of Art; Julia Chiu, President of the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization; Ben Hughes, Course Director of MA Industrial Design at Central saint Martins College of Art and Design; Rossana Hu and Lyndon Neri, co-founders of Design Republic and NGDRO. Half of the finalists projects were displayed at the 100% Design Shanghai Exhibition from November 4th to 6th. The grand prize winning projects of the Rado Young Design Prize 2010 in each category were displayed at the Rado Design Booth.

The grand prize for the best student project went to the chair design “Addiction” by Sun Jing and Guan Ning. The grand prize for the best professional project was awarded to Xu Gongwei, also for a chair design. The “Scroll Chair” concept comes from the traditional Chinese scroll of painting, providing good elasticity and support through its involute curve structure and expresses Chinese good wishes at the same time. Both winners walked away with a r5.5 high-tech ceramic watch designed by famous British industrial designer Jasper Morrison for Rado. Each grand prize winner also received a cash prize of 20.000 RMB.

The winning projects were displayed in the Rado booth of 100% Design Shanghai, which was also subject of an invitation to upcoming Chinese designers to submit ideas on how to build it. Among the submitted projects, the design of Zhou Yingying was actually realised and he also received a Rado r5.5 as prize. He integrated the Rado Ceramic Exhibition and design watch showcases in a gigantic watch shaped booth, reflecting elements of the brand, such as polished surfaces, tapered links and distinguishable shapes.

The day was rounded off by a Design Workshop with the theme “Less Is More” held by famous Chinese designer Jamy Yang, inviting guests to interact and create installations on their own, developing unlimited spirit.

Rado Young Design Prize, Malaysia 2010

By Radostar on Nov 3rd, 2010 | Events

Kuala Lumpur, 29 October 2010 – For the first time in Malaysia, the Rado Young Design Prize, Malaysia 2010 was held at the Concourse of Suria KLCC, to honor the inspiration and work of outstanding young creative individuals in Malaysia.

The grand exhibition displayed a spectacular array of art in multitude of disciplines such as architecture, product design, animation, painting and illustration created by the Rado Young Design Prize, Malaysia 2010finalists. The backdrop of such an infusion of disciplines provided a one-of its kind ambience at the Concourse of KLCC.

The Top 3 winners of the Rado Young Design Prize, Malaysia 2010 walked away with cash prizes totaling RM18,000 and a r5.5 designed by Jasper Morrison each. The grand prize of RM10,000 and the Rado r5.5 were awarded to 24 year-old Shahrul Anuwar bin Mohamed, for his aesthetic creation of a unique piece of decorative yet functional furniture with a touch of Mother Nature reflected in the shape of a fern leaf – the ‘Fernature Chaise Lounge’.

This local initiative with international outreach to promote upcoming talents best describes the Rado Young Design Prize. Great ideas have no boundaries, but they need a platform in order to be successful. The Rado Young Design Prize provided the necessary elements to nurture Malaysia’s creative ideas and turned them into potential projects.

Also present at the glamour-filled soiree were renowned photographer and portrait painter Mr. Jen Siow, fine artist and educator Mr. Jalaini Hassan and established architect Dr. Ken Yeang, who have diligently handpicked the finalists and winners. Jalaini and Jen expressed their pleasure to be part of such an inspirational platform that Rado has brought to their local shores. It was a boost of encouragement to the Malaysian design scene. Moreover Dr. Yeang was amazed with the level of maturity embedded in the work of such young individuals.

As a part of RADO’s support of young designers in China, RADO held a contest to have upcoming Chinese designers explore their unlimited spirit and create the booth at 100% Design Shanghai. Check out the projects of the finalists now! The grand winner will be announced end of this month on radostar.com and his design will be produced.

Designer: Feng Yuanda

Idea: Extended watch hands

Concept: The watch element display could go out of the frame, makes the structure of watch go into the shop’s space. The interesting booths lead a special futurism to the customers.

(Please click on the picture to see the image in full-size)

Designer: Lu Junwei

Idea: Dial Plate

Concept: To display the maximum watch counters, which gives a theme of time to the booths, also the round-shape booths could offer a convenient shopping experience.

(Please click on the picture to see the image in full-size)

Designer: Meng Jie

Idea: Transparent Watch Shape

Concept: Transparency is a very great idea to enhance the feeling of futurism, just like RADO. Also it could create a roomy and bright space effect.

(Please click on the picture to see the image in full-size)

Designer: Chen Chao

Idea: Unlimited space

Concept: Watch counter is shaped in perspective glass-cube to reflect the watches in unlimited space, which is exactly like the idea of RADO, ”Unlimited Spirit”.

(Please click on the picture to see the image in full-size)

Designer: Lin Huanjing

Idea: Secret Mirror

Concept: Aligned Watch Pillars become a visit route to gradually exposure the RADO secret. The concept of Mirror also could offer a feeling of non-stopped discovering.

(Please click on the picture to see the image in full-size)

Designer: Wu Changjie

Idea: T-Show

Concept: Rado Young prize works will be displayed in the center T table and the visitor could stand alone watch counters in both sides. This conception combines the RADO with designer power.

(Please click on the picture to see the image in full-size)

Designer: Wang Jia

Idea: Hand Paint Trend

Concept: Through the geometrical style channel to guide the audience visit the booth far and near.

(Please click on the picture to see the image in full-size)

Designer: Zhou Yingying

Idea: Watchband

Concept: Obviously, this is an 100% watch concept and watch-shape booths. Each piece of watchband is made in high polish glass reflects the watch counters and work showcase, it brings the simplicity and futurism, which is the RADO’s style.

(Please click on the picture to see the image in full-size)

Rado Young Design Prize 2011 - Japan

By Radostar on Oct 15th, 2010 | Competition
The launch event of the Rado Young Design Prize Japan 2011 took place on October 13th, 2010, on the terrace of Nicolas G. Hayek Centre in Tokyo. More than 300 exclusive guests joined the launch party that was accompanied by local upcoming DJs.

The contest is open to all professional and amateur designers. In different design categories – from digital to fashion, architectural, furniture or even jewellery, the project should envisage an unlimited spirit, pioneering design and material. The winner will have the opportunity to decorate the Cite du Temps Ginza (Nicolas G. Hayek Centre) windows in 2011 with his project and will win a cash prize of 500.000 Yen as well as the r.5.5 watch design by Jasper Morrison.

As a first, Art director & Chief in editor of "commons&sense" Mr. Sasaki, indicated young designers Tokyo Dandy to be upcoming artists; they had the opportunity to decorate the Nicolas G. Hayek Centre in Tokyo`s city centre, and that way showing the extraordinary exposure that the future winner of the Rado Young Design Prize Japan will gain. The visuals with the theme "people with unlimited spirit" cover the three floors of the building. The photographs of Tokyo Dandy designers express Tokyo’s lifestyle and are also spread worldwide through their blog.

Checkout the pictures and apply now for Rado Young Design Prize Japan 2011 on www.radoydp.jp!

Creative Workshop - Radostar.com in London

By Radostar on Oct 6th, 2010 | Events

October 22nd - Advanitas advanitatum et omnia advanitas

Nazareno Crea, a recent graduate from Royal College of Art who had previously designed the Rado windows at Harrods, illustrated the connection with design and continuous support Rado put into nurturing young talent through initiatives like radostar.com.

He set up a workshop producing creative colourful posters of the new advertising campaign, copying Vanitas-motives (revocation of transience) of the Dutch art scene of the 17th century and that way interpretating time in a different way, which guests were happy to take home.

Vienna, 30th October 2010 – during the opening ceremony of Vienna Design Week 2010 the first Rado Young Design Prize in Austria was presemted and Hermann Trebsche was announced as the first finalist from the design platform www.radostar.com.

This marks the start of the Rado Young Design Prize 2011 – a competition in which renowned jurors select outstanding young creative individuals from the www.radoyoungdesignprize.at platform each month and give them the opportunity to realize their projects in the Rado Store Vienna. After a year, the candidate with the most innovative and visionary project will be awarded the Rado Young Design Prize 2011 as well as € 5.000.

The focus of Hermann Trebsche’s work lies in the linkage of art, technology and society. Using design methodology for new areas enables him to create innovations outside the “creative industry.” Developing, analysing, abstracting and presenting design processes therefore constitutes one of the areas of focus in his work.

Register now for the RYDP, Austria 2011 at www.radoyoungdesignprize.at!

Beginning of August 2010, Rado has announced that 30-year-old artist Tatu Vuorio of Finland has won their Rado Unlimited Spirit Online Contest to design the exclusive Rado Unlimited Spirit Award. Tatu’s project was produced this summer in Switzerland and was presented at a private reception in Los Angeles on September 16th, to this year’s honorees Maria Bello, David Hertz and Paul Haggis. The Rado Unlimited Spirit Awards honor the innovative and inspirational people who challenge definitions and boundaries through their art, work and philanthropic initiatives.

Photo: Paul Haggis (Filmmaker), Maria Bello (Actress), Tatu Vuorio (Designer), Ellen Seckler (Rado USA), David Hertz (Architect)

Malaysia 2010, which carries the theme “Unlimited Spirit”, is set to discover creative boundaries as it is open to include all forms of innovative designs from all categories – from digital to fashion, architectural, furniture or even jewellery. The Rado Young Design Prize is premiering the international award in Malaysia for the first time with an art & design competition in Kuala Lumpur. It will possibly be one of the biggest of such a contest of innovative skills locally, with the kick-off of Rado Young Design Prize, on 19th August 2010. It will be an exciting voyage for all Malaysian art & design enthusiasts to be given an opportunity to be recognized internationally. Since its inception the Rado Young Design Prize has been awarded in several countries and at several design festivals, from Vienna to Milan and now to Kuala Lumpur.

Are You Creatively Challenged?
Contestants who are aged between 18 to 35 years are welcomed to participate in the competition. The participants will have to register themselves at www.radoyoungdesignprize.com.my and thereafter submit their artwork online. The entries will then be shortlisted by a panel of professional judges from a diversified platform of industries, who will pick the winner who stands to win a grand prize of RM10,000. The winner will be announced and the artwork of the Top 5 Finalists will be exhibited live in the Concourse of Suria KLCC during the grand event on 29th October 2010.

100% Design Shanghai

By Radostar on Sep 7th, 2010 | Events

Reed Exhibitions, the Organiser of 100% Design Shanghai, is pleased to announce that Rado Young Design Prize will again be present at the 2nd edition of the DESIGNED IN CHINA Competition in 2010.

“DESIGNED IN CHINA: The Rado Young Design Prize” encourages Chinese designers to present original works that express China’s creative potential in the realm of interior design. It is open to any professional designer or design student of Chinese nationality. The Organiser encourages entrants to submit works which go beyond the reinterpretation of traditional elements and motifs and instead express Chinese concepts, sensibilities and modes of living in innovative, internationally-resonant way. Winners emerging from this competition will get a chance to showcase their designs during 100% Design Shanghai 2010, which has been scheduled to be held from 4-6 November 2010 at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. This provides an excellent opportunity for the Chinese designers to communicate their ideas and inspirations to the 12,000 expected visitors.

Jointly organized by Reed Exhibitions and Surface (China), the “DESIGNED IN CHINA: The Rado Young Design Prize” winners will be selected by a distinguished panel which includes Kenya Hara, Chairman of the Japanese Design Centre and Consultant at Muji; Donna Loveday, Head of Curatorial at the Design Museum; Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, Professor of Graphic Design and President of Yale University School of Art; Julia Chiu, President of the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization and Ben Hughes, Course Director of MA Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Rossana Hu and Lyndon Neri, co-founders of Design Republic and NHDRO, round off the panel.

Rado Young Design Prize 2011

By Radostar on Aug 11th, 2010 | Events

At the Vienna Design Week 2010, www.radostar.com presents a competition for young talent, where the winner will be awarded the Rado Young Design Prize 2011. The starting flag will wave for an artist from radostar.com, selected by Neigungsgruppe Design, with a collaborative effort with designers For Use/Numen in the Vienna Rado store.

Vienna Design Week is not like a trade show in character; rather, it covers a variety of locations and gateways specific to Vienna. In cooperation with a wide range of partners – from the Viennese museums, to manufacturers and commercial enterprises, to designers from around the world – the entire city of Vienna becomes a platform and showcase for design for ten days. International, but local – that’s the motto.

Not only “products” of design are on display; the creative and production processes are also shared and on-site experimental work is encouraged.

With exhibitions, localized installations, special themes, discussion venues, a film program, and plenty of opportunity for celebrating and networking, the Vienna Design Week is not only a center of attraction for the international design scene, but also explicitly for the general public of Viennese and visitors.

At the VDW 2009, the young designer Gabriela Chiccerio from the www.radostar.com community had the opportunity to exchange ideas with other international designers, and present her work to the media. Now, at Vienna Design Week 2010, another “young talent” will be given the opportunity to collaborate with For Use/Numen at the Vienna Rado store. This is the starting flag for a competition for young talent. Over the next few months, young creative people will be selected at www.radostar.com, and can implement their projects at the Vienna Rado store. After one year, the most innovative and visionary project will be awarded the Rado Young Design Prize 2011.

More information follows about the jury and the start of the competition.

Radostar is happy to announce that Tatu Vuorio from Finland won the RADO UNLIMITED SPIRIT CONTEST 2010!

The Jury selected Tatu’s project first of all because he really thought of an “Unlimited Spirit” concept, creating an innovative object that does not look like a usual award. Secondly the originality of having a full ceramic award where you can feel the material, hold it in one hand is really a nice thought. Finally, the notion of time shown by the erosion or the polishing of the material was very much appreciated.

Tatu Vuorio won a flight to Los Angeles where he will be able to attend a Rado event and meet many journalists. His award will be produced and handed out at this event on September 16th, 2010.

The Finalists - Rado Young Designer Award 2010

By Radostar on Jul 29th, 2010 | Events

Photo: Studio DRIFT

Studio DRIFT (Lonneke Gordijn & Ralph Nauta)
Founded in 2006, Studio DRIFT strives for timeless design combined with knowledge, intuition, nature, science fiction, fantasy and interaction. In their work, designers Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn (both graduates of Design Academy Eindhoven in 2005) seek for a balance between our communication age and the organic, nature. Ralph and Lonneke respond to the digital revolution by creating projects that evoke the feeling of floating, gliding, lightness, and a state of weightlessness. In their designs, they try to capture the material/immaterial sensations that they miss in their daily lives. Selection committee: At an earlier stage, Studio DRIFT has already created designs in which technology and design are combined successfully. They are consistent and show their own style in all projects. The technology and science in their designs are made accessible - because the designs are original and beautiful to watch.



Photo: Mike Roelofs

Rocco Verdult
Rocco graduated from the Design Academy in the direction of Man & Living. During his studies, he worked for project designer Patricio Lix Klett in Buenos Aires and for Studio Muller & Van Tol in Amsterdam. His designs focus on social design - he creates temporary meeting places in public space by means of materials that he gathers within a few days. In this way, he creates in a short time situations where people come together. In 2009, he won both the Social Design Talent Award and the Brains Award 2009, a public award. He is much in demand for international projects. In 2009, he founded Studio Rocco Verdult in Eindhoven, which stands for interiors, exteriors and related products focused on the gathering of people within a specific context. Selection committee: Rocco is socially engaged, and knows how to stir up interest in people and to get things done. What he makes is a unique type of design: he creates relationships and solidarity. His commitment is sincere, his approach original, and because of this, his ideas always have the desired effect.



Photo: Michel Zoeter

Iris van Herpen
Iris van Herpen is a fashion designer; she loves making non-wearable clothing. She has unique ideas that cannot be compared with other fashion designers; the uniqueness of her creations reaches as far as Japan, where her fame may even be greater than in her own country. She studied Fahion Design at the ARTEZ Art Academy in Arnhem and in 2009, she was with her MUMMIFICATION AUTUMN WINTER 2009/2010 already the winner of a Dutch Design Award in the category best product fashion, jewellery, accessories. Selection committee: She has an eye for detail, uses original materials and her designs demonstrate authenticity. The many hours of handiwork spent on these designs radiate passion for her profession. Iris combines fashion with art and with her unconventional designs she shows courage and guts. Apart from that: what she makes is also simply 'beautiful'.


Rado Young Designer Award 2010

By Radostar on Jul 29th, 2010 | Events

For the third consecutive year the Rado Young Designer Award will be given to an upcoming dutch design talent at the Dutch Design Awards 2010. On July 1st, the DDA jury including last year's winner Jelte van Abbema, chose the three nominees: Iris van Herpen, Rocco Verdult, Studio DRIFT. The final winner will be awarded on October 23rd 2010 at the Muziekgebouw Fritz Philips in Eindhoven.

The Dutch Design Awards put designers in the spotlight and create greater awareness among the public. This adds to the top position that Dutch design has gained in recent years. Once again the selection committee assessed the level of the submitted works as very high. Certain themes have been detected as for spatial design, the designers tend to make their mark on the identity in public space even stronger, or within product design, designers developed a major focus on services and systems, which causes products to become 'services' as well. Also the sustainability of the product and the application of sustainable materials remain topical issues. In the field of communication, 'social design' prevails. The user interaction is not only expressed in digital media, but also increasingly often in graphic design and visual identities.

The Rado Young Designer Award aims to support the inherent passion of especially young designers and their ability to use this to their advantage with their talent and to look to the future, by rewarding the winner with an amount of 10.000 Euro, as well as international media support.

The finalists of this 8th edition of DDA have been selected from more than 700 projects by a committee comprised of experts in the design field. The international jury led Frans Timmermans is comprised of Sam Hecht, Ruedi Baur, Marcus Fairs, Ravi Naidoo, James Woodhuyzen, Will Erens, Rajesh Kejriwal, Timo de Rijk, Hans van der Markt and Vincent van Baar.

This international jury was joined by Jelte van Abbema, last year's winner of the Rado Young Designer Award, to nominate the candidates for the current Rado Award. Check out his report on radostar.com.

The three nominees were chosen for their creativity and visionary design:
- Iris van Herpen, fashion designer
- Rocco Verdult
- Ralph Nauta, Lonneke Gordijn (Studio DRIFT)

The winner of the Rado Young Designer Award will be awarded on Saturday, October 23, 2010 at the Muziekgebouw Frits Philips in Eindhoven.

The designs of all finalists and winners will subsequently be exhibited in the Brainport Greenhouse on the Stadhuisplein in Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week.


Unlimited Spirit Contest 2010

By Radostar on Jun 14th, 2010 | Call for entries


Rado invites students and young designers on radostar.com to design an innovative sculpture that will be awarded to 3 exceptional individuals who have exhibited "Unlimited Spirit" through their life’s work. These individuals exemplify the same visionary spirit which is at the core of the Rado's DNA.

"If we can imagine it, we can make it, if we can make it, we will."

Rado Unlimited Spirit Award should look like a small sculpture that can be easily held and carried. Your design ideas should be innovative in terms of material, aesthetic and visionary in terms of shape.

The dimensions of the award should not exceed 6 inches wide (152 mm) x 6 inches deep (152mm) by 12 inches high (304mm) and should not weigh more than 5 lbs (2.2kg).

You may use standard metal, wood, rubber or glass. You may add a geometrical form in ceramic which shouldn't exceed the size of 100x100 mm or in sapphire glass that shouldn't exceed 35x35 mm. The ceramic part may only be in black, white or grey.

To enter this competition, you have to submit following documents:
- sketch in PDF A3 size
- rendering in PDF A3 size
- complete technical drawing (dimensions, materials, etc.) in PDF A3 size
- short description of your project in PDF A4 size

Competition closes July 15th, 2010.
One winner will be selected and notified by email. The winner's name will be published on radostar.com and rado.com and the other designs will be shown on an online gallery. This competition is international and entries are accepted from designers in any country.

The winner will have his award produced. He will be invited to participate at the Rado event in the USA to hand out his award to the international stars. The winner will benefit from a large press impact which should help him to gain notoriety.

Rado Unlimited Spirit Contest 2010 will be juried in an anonymous way by:
Patrick Reymond - Designer and Co-Founder of Atelier Oï
Thilo Brunner - Designer and Founder of Fuente y Fuente
Roland Streule - CEO Rado Watch Co. Ltd.
Patric Zingg - Vice President Marketing Rado Watch Co. Ltd.
Alessandra Furetta - product designer at Rado Watch Co. Ltd.

Interested in participating?
Send your competition entry to this address contest@radostar.com incl. the following information about you:

- Name
- Surname
- Age
- Gender
- The 4 required documents to enter the competition
- Confirm that you have read and accepted the promotion rules

Create your profile on radostar.com and follow Rado on Twitter
Subscribe to the Rado Newsletter and follow Rado on Facebook.

Rado Unlimited Spirit Award 2010 is organized by Rado Watch Co Ltd.

Zona Tortona - The Video

By Radostar on May 27th, 2010 | Events

What is Radostar.com ?

By Radostar on May 14th, 2010 | Design

Interviews @ Zona Tortona

By Radostar on Apr 28th, 2010 | Design

Look at some interviews filmed during Salone del Mobile 2010 in Milan, click on the picture below:

Radostars @ Zona Tortona

By Radostar on Apr 16th, 2010 | Design

Watch out the great stuff of some young designers in Milano...

Åsk Wäppling

Wallpainting from Unlimited Spirit on Vimeo.

Benjamin Claessen

Claire Hartigan

Elvis Tomljenovic

Lee Walsh

Zona Tortona Blog

By Radostar on Apr 15th, 2010 | Design

Read and look at what our radostar members are experiencing behind the scenes at Salone del Mobile in Milan...

Winners of the Zona Tortona trip

By Radostar on Apr 8th, 2010 | Competition

Radostar.com is proud to announce the winners going to Zona Tortona:


These talented artists are invited by radostar.com to expose their work at Magna Pars just next to the premier newest Cappellini sofas designed by Jasper Morrison and to exchange ideas and get inputs on own projects. To celebrate radostar.com's first anniversary, creative workshops on different materials will be given by international designers.

Radostar.com is pleased to welcome you to this exhibition held at Magna Pars on Via Tortona 15, Milano during April 14th and April 18th 2010.
Come and have a look, get an impression of innovative materials, have a chat with professional designers or just come to relax in the exclusive Cappellini sofas!


Radostar.com was launched in Milan at Zona Tortona almost one year ago. Our baby is soon one year old. That is a reason to celebrate! Therefore we will draw exclusive invitations to our community members to join us at Salone del Mobile 2010.

An expert panel of active design professionals will select a few European talents who have posted their work on radostar.com. You have been selected? Great. So we offer you an outstanding opportunity: You will be able to expose your work to the design world during Salone del Mobile 2010 in the renowned Zona Tortona in Milano.

You will also enjoy design workshops held by professional designers, cinematographers and stylists which will be organized by Radostar at Magna Pars within the Zona Tortona.

In fact this means qualitative days feeling like an established designer in Milano. Including flight, hotel and all access to Zona Tortona.

Just go for it! - Register now and post your recent works on radostar.com (works published until April 6th 2010 will be considerated)

Zona Tortona at Salone del Mobile, Milano

Design Talk in Geneva - the report...

By Radostar on Mar 8th, 2010 | Events

Design Preis Schweiz Exhibition @ Cité du Temps  - Design Talk:

How does Design influence Economy and vice versa?

The recently held DPS Design Talk brought together four Swiss design experts in front of an intrigued audience. The topics of this panel discussion was the influence between designers and the economy - a relation with many faces and forms.

Martin Heller is the director of the Museum of Design in Zurich, a cultural entrepreneur and author of many articles and books. He was the artistic director of the Swiss National Exposition in 2002 and part of the jury for the Design Preis Schweiz 2009.

Pierre Keller is the director of the renowned University of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL). With his strong dedication and unconventional ideas, he has successfully built ECAL's reputation as a well known design university even beyond the borders of Switzerland.

Patrick Reymond, architect and designer, chairs the Federal Design Commission. He is also one of the partners of a design agency.

Heidi Wegener, former Administrative Director at the College of Art and Design Zurich; has been the curator of Design Preis Schweiz for many years until today.

The talk was moderated by Maroun Zahar, editor-in-chief of the Swiss design magazine Espaces Contemporains.

From left to right: Martin Heller, Heidi Wegener, Maroun Zahar, Patrick Reymond, Pierre Keller

To Pierre Keller, a successful relationship between design and economy is all about finding the right partner. “A good partner not only supports a designer financially but also with know-how and opportunities - that is just as important as money”, he said.
Martin Heller agreed with this definition: Superficial sponsoring and funding should best be replaced with an intelligent cooperation from which both sides can profit. However, this more intense partnership requires knowledge about each other’s needs and expectations.
Good sponsorship is much more than just giving money to designers - it is about creating publicity for them, giving them an opportunity to present their work and making the relationship beneficial for both parties.

“The partnership with private funders can be extremely fruitful because they usually expect more for their investments”, Heidi Wegener stated, “money given by the state is often less tied to high expectations”.
Therefore, Pierre Keller finds it very important to prepare his students for the reality of a designer’s career: “We cannot become too academic and we must never forget our future clients out there”.

Design has a vital function in today’s society - it connects culture to economy.

Heidi Wegener presenting the exhibition

The talk was followed by a happy hour. A young DJ provided musical entertainment with the pocket-sized DJ system Pacemaker that had won the Rado Product Design Award at the Design Preis Schweiz 2009. Thomas Schaad, the creator of the Pacemaker, was also present. He and the DJ had a good time discussing the advantages of this innovative gadget.
The guests - an inspiring mix of designers, students, and interested non-professionals - enjoyed debating with the design experts and took the opportunity to have a look at the Design Preis Schweiz exhibition.

Design Talk in Geneva

By Radostar on Feb 19th, 2010 | Events

The renowned Design Preis Schweiz presents its unique exhibiton in Geneva and invites major voices in Swiss design culture for a Design Talk.

As part of the touring exhibtion, the Design Preis Schweiz shows a selection of nominated projects in Geneva. This exhibition will last from January 28th to February 28th and is the kick off for its world tour.
It allows a unique impression of the vital design culture in Switzerland and makes an important contribution to making the works of Swiss Designers known to a larger public worldwide.

On February 25th 2010, Swiss design experts will discuss a relevant subject on the occasion of this exhibition. The participants are as follows:

  • Martin Heller, curator and author
  • Pierre Keller, director of the Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL)
  • Patrick Reymond, designer and instructor
  • Heidi Wegener, curator of the Design Preis Schweiz

The talk will be hosted by Maroun Zahar who is the editor in chief for the renowned Swiss desing magazine Espaces Contemporains.

The talk will be followed by a Happy Hour.
No registration necessary.

February 25th 2010, 6pm

Cité du Temps
Pont de la Machine 1
1204 Geneva

For more information about the Desing Preis Schweiz and its touring exhibiton please visit www.designpreis.ch

radostar.com meets dezeen.com

By Radostar on Jan 27th, 2010 | Design

The team of radostar.com had the pleasure to meet up with Marcus Fairs, editor in chief of www.dezeen.com. This was a great opportunity for both to discuss new ideas and future trends in design.

From L to R: Mireille Scheurer, Marcus Fairs, Yumy Pham, Michel Hueter, Patric Zingg

Marcus gifted his succesfull book "Green Design" to the radostar.com team. It reveals how the design world is responding to the environmental challenges of the twenty-first century... An absolute must!


Fred klaas pack is black and white... but we know that the world around us is a bit more complex than that!

Tell us what you think and design the new limited edition Fred Klaas using ALL VARIANTIONS OF GREYS (black and white included of course) + ONE OTHER UNIQUE COLOUR of your choice.

Design contest Pimp my FredPimp my Fred Logo


An independent jury will elect the 5 winning designs which will be produced and sold in FRED selected places in Germany and Switzerland. See the prizes the winner will receive.
This competition is open to any resident of Germany or Switzerland aged above 18 yo.

Visit http://www.pimpmyfred.com to apply and for more info, news and updates.
Check also the brand website http://www.smokefred.ch


On December 8th 2009, the Swiss magazine "Hochparterre" and the national TV have honored nine projects in the fields of design, architecture and landscape in a glamorous award ceremony at the Museum of Design in Zurich.
The prestigious award itself is worth a second look: Designed by Zurich's sculptor Severin Müller they are shaped as rabbits.

Köbi Gantenbein, editor-in-chief for Hochparterre: «As every year, our specialists have found the best projects based on nomination from the juries." Consisting of renowned artists themselves, the juries have met for each category independently and have thoroughly discussed the numerous projects.

Category Architecture

Golden Rabbit
In the category architecture, the school building Leutschenbach in Zurich was awarded with the Golden Rabbit for its open and generous design. Jokingly called layer cake by the students, it is built almost completely from glass. "This building by architect Christian Kerez and civil engineer Joseph Schwartz is truly one of the most extraordinary structures we have seen in years", says the jury.

School building Leutschenbach, Zürich
(Photo: Dario Pfammatter)

Silver Rabbit
The Silver Rabbit for architecture went to the architects Kaschka Knapkiewicz and Axel Fickert for their remodeling of the residential area Stadtrain in Winterthur. In order to gain more living space, the architects enlarged the homes with extensions in the front yards. Even though the gardens became smaller, the inhabitants gain a quality invaluable in today's suburbs: privacy. The extensions serve as a protection from the neighboring buildings.

Erweiterung Siedlung Stadtrain Winterthur
(Photo: Heinz Unger)

Bronze Rabbit
The owners of the Villa Chardonne (a pilot and a flight attendant) have always loved flying and longed to incorporate that passion into their home. The young designer from the Geneva design agency "Made in" have created a building that seems to fly over the lake of Geneva. Large windows allow a breathtaking sight over the lake and the alps. The jury was stunned with this courageous design and awarded it with the Bronze Rabbit for architecture.

Villa Chardonne, Geneva
(Photo: made in Sàrl, Genève)

Category Design

Golden Rabbit
The Golden Rabbit for design was awarded to a bicycle named Papalagi by Butch Gaudy. It is designed with the cyclist in mind, its frame strong and sturdy, yet very light. Made to be used, it is a bicycle for life. "We are honoring not only this particular design, but also Butch Gaudy's passion and know-how in this field", says the jury.

Papalagi 953, Butch Gaudy  / MTB Cycletech
(Photo: Reto Andreoli)

Silver Rabbit
The watch r5.5 from Rado was honored with the Silver Rabbit for design. Designed Jasper Morrison, the watch distinguishes itself through its discrete design and simple elegance as it is the credo of the British designer, as well as Rado's. "This is a watch without pomp and circumstance – as always, Jasper Morrison has kept faithful to his 'supernormal' designs", comments the jury. After already having re-interpreted the Ceramica watch and having created an award-winning watch-packaging, the r5.5 is the third step of the collaboration between Jasper Morrison and Rado.

Rado Watch r5.5, Jasper Morrison / Rado
(Photo: Rado)

Bronze Rabbit
Sometimes something as simple as a carpet can make the whole difference. Designer Frédéric Dedelley has taken up the structure of the ceiling in the Wasserkirche in Zurich and mirrored it in his carpet design with fine white lines. This church is no longer just a place of worship, but also a peaceful haven in the middle of the busy city. The seating is no longer fixed and can be used for events or readings. Designer Dedelley says: "I wanted the church to look generous and empty." Ready to be filled with meaning. The quiet design was awarded with the Bronze Rabbit for design.

Wasserkirche, Frédéric Dedelley
(Photo: Dominique K. Wehrli)

Category Landscape

Golden Rabbit
The Golden Rabbit for landscape was awarded to the Liebefeld-Park in Köniz near Berne. Its simplicity is striking and leaves its visitors with a lot of possibilities. It is a park created for those who use it: "If any elements were missing, they could easily be integrated in this simple design at a later time", says the jury.

Liebefeld Park, Mettler Landschaftsarchitektur
(Photo: Bruno Augsburger)

Silver Rabbit
Once a silk mill, the Sidi-Areal in Winterthur is now a residential area - but it has kept its industrial origins. The landscape architects from Kuhn Truninger have included many metaphors in their design, such as the floor pattern in the courtyard reminding one of the industrial regularity in which the looms had been standing. This successful re-design was awarded with the Silver Rabbit for landscape.

Wohnüberbauung Sidi-Areal, Winterthur / Kuhn Truninger Landschaftsarchitekten, Zürich
(Photo: Kuhn Truninger)

Bronze Rabbit
The renovation of the old Averserstrasse in the Grisons was honored with the Bronze Rabbit. The street used to be the main road through the valley but was replaced with an urban road, forgotten and left to the elements. Now it has been restored to allow visitors to walk through the unique landscape of the valley on a unique path. The jury was impressed with the use of materials from the region and traditional constructions techniques.

Alte Averserstrasse
(Photo: Verein Alte Averserstrasse)

Visit http://www.hochparterre.ch for more info, news and updates.


After evaluating all 380 competition entries, the international jury of The Great Indoors Award 2009 has selected five nominees in each of the five categories and chose a winner in each category.

The award winners were announced in Maastricht/Netherlands during the award ceremony on November 28th 2009:

Category Show & Sell - Retail
Including shops, showrooms, trade-fair stands, exhibitions etc.

Firm: Office for Metropolitan Architecture - OMA (NL)
Project: Prada Transformer, Seoul 2009
Client: Prada

Category Relax & Consume - Leisure
Including hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, spas, wellness centres etc.

beijing noodle
Firm: Design Spirits Co., Ltd. (JP)
Project: Beijing Noodle no. 9, Las Vegas 2008
Client: Beijing Noodle


Category Concentrate & Collaborate - Work
Including offices, studios, administration buildings, conference centres etc.

Firm: i29 Interior Architects (NL)
Project: Recycled Office, Amsterdam 2009
Client: Gummo

Category Serve & Facilitate - Public
Libraries, hospitals, theatres, schools etc.

Library at University of Amsterdam
Firm:Bureau Ira Koers Studio Roelof Mulder (NL)
Project: Library for University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam 2009
Client: University of Amsterdam

Category Interior Design Firm of the Year 2009

Portrait Guise
Guise (SE)
The Swedish firm Guise is one of those young firms that combine a distinctive method and a modest budget in its projects. The jury was particularly sold on the firm’s clear design methodology and quality in graphics, and sees in this underlying design concept a future scenario in which simple ingredients are effective identity carriers that also maximise functionality.

Visit www.the-great-indoors.com for more info, news and updates.

Initiators of The Great Indoors Award are FRAME magazine; Marres CCC and The Netherlands Architecture Institute/ Bureau Europa.

It is bound to be an evening of stimulating discussions and interesting encounters when prominent personalities from the worlds of design, culture, politics and business come together for the awards ceremony of this year's Design Preis Schweiz.
On November 6th 2009, six creative teams and their projects were honored with a prestigious award.

Design Preis Schweiz Dinner

The prize in the category "Market" is awarded for products and services that have been successfully introduced to the market within the last two years. This year it went to Paolo Fancelli and his team for the development of the multipurpose transporter "Aebi VT450". This functional yet comfortable vehicle was designed with the driver in mind: "I want my products to improve the quality of life for the people who use them", designer Paolo Fancelli says.

Winner category Market - Aebi VT450

Products and services that are shortly to be introduced to the market and projects by young designers who have yet to make a name for themselves on the market are awarded in the prize category "Newcomer". Originally designed as a sales display for bags, the modular shelf system "V30 Freitag Skid" by young designer Colin Schaefli impressed the international jury with its simplicity.

Winner category Newcomer - V30 Freitag Skid

In the field of textiles, the "Textile Design Award" has been split up to reward two independent projects.
In the category for innovative textile solutions, Martin Leuthold and his luxurious woven fabric named "Secret Garden" have enchanted the jury. Like a breath of nothing, this ultra-light weave is coated with a choice of aluminum, copper or bronze and printed on one side with a flowery design, which gives it an almost hypnotic look when moving.
The award for research and development in textiles went to Schoeller Technologies AG for their textile enhancement technology "coldblack: Sun Reflector - UV Protector". This revolutionary textile treatment technology protects against both heat and damaging ultraviolet rays. The jury sees a great potential in areas that include fashion, functional clothing and textiles for outdoors.

Winner category Textile Design Award - Secret Garden

Winner category Textile Design Award - coldblack: Sun Reflector - UV Protector

Young designer Thomas Schaad's project "Pacemaker" has been selected by the "Design Preis Schweiz" jury and granted with the "Rado Product Design Award". This award goes out to industrial products that are distinguished by an innovative approach to the materials or combination of materials, functionality or manufacturing technique. The "Pacemaker" is a portable, yet professionally designed DJ system no bigger than an MP3 player and can be used for mixing and playing music practically anywhere at anytime. It is a great example of an innovative blend of design, aesthetics as well as functionality.

Winner of Rado Product Design Award - Pacemaker

One especially prestigious award at the Design Preis Schweiz is handed over to individual designers or design studios for their continuous services in the field of design: the "Merit". This year's winner is Albert Kriemler, a renowned fashion designer from St. Gallen whose label "Akris" is at the cutting edge of international fashion. More that just stylish, Albert Kriemler's work is also of outstanding quality. In the opinion of the jury, this made him the perfect ambassador "Swissness" in design.

Winner of the Merit Award - Albert Kriemler

For more information, visit www.designpreis.ch

Kicking off 100% Design Shanghai 2009

By Radostar on Nov 6th, 2009 | Guest Editors
Some insights about a big design event in Shanghai from Andrew Yang, the consultant for 100% Design Shanghai

I am standing on stage on the opening press conference of 100% Design Shanghai, with the sunlight beating into the circular rotunda hall on a crisp October morning, with all of the winners of the Rado Young Design Prize. Hard to believe, I think. Just five months previous, the jurors for the prize convened in the conference room of the Cappellini showroom in New York for the judging of the first annual DESIGNED IN CHINA: The Rado Young Design Prize. Some of the most well-known names in design—Guilio Cappellini, Alasdhair Willis, Yves Behar, just to name a few—generously donated a Sunday afternoon during a busy New York design week to review the work of young and emerging Chinese product designers.

Now fast forward five months and we are kicking off the second year of 100% Design Shanghai, where these winners would be announced. The grand prize winner would be awarded not only a big cash prize of 20,000RMB, but also a brand new Rado R5.5 watch, designed by Jasper Morrison. Not bad, eh?

I had only met a few of them prior to this point but seeing all of them on stage brought into reality what everyone on our team on the show and the team from Rado had been working to realize—the establishment of a major prize that would support young Chinese talent. Given all of the commotion over the meteoric economic rise of China, we all felt that there should also be some attention paid to growing the country’s design talent. The rise of China is something I have observed as a design journalist and magazine editor for the past decade, most of it working out of New York City, where I was raised. Now I am up close, observing it firsthand as a resident of Shanghai, my newly adopted home, a city that changes every day, every minute.

With all this in mind, this moment was perhaps the apex of what we have been working toward all year in the planning of 100% Design Shanghai. After fairs in London and Tokyo, Shanghai is the youngest edition of 100% Design. It serves the biggest potential market in the world, China, in an environment that could probably characterized as the least developed, design-conscience-wise. Regardless, for those who haven’t been here, I can say that what Shanghai lacks, it makes up for in sheer enthusiasm and intensity. We have been grateful to work with a great variety of brands to bring the show to life—everyone from Crystallized – Swarovski Elements, Poliform, Kohler, Roca, and Design Republic, which showed Emeco, Moooi, Magis and Neri&Hu at their booth this year. They are all market leaders in their business sectors.

It has been a challenge, to say the least, trying to convince so many world-class brands to exhibit under one roof. It has been difficult, but we at 100% Design Shanghai are patient and persistent in our multi-year effort, that everyone who has a stake in design will realize Shanghai and China is where exciting things will happen, and the market that will fuel tremendous economic growth for any design company that is invested here.

I realized this even more when I looked at the winners on stage. For each of the winners, I realized that it was not an easy path to get to this point. Out of 250 entrants, the excellent jury, which was assembled by Tobias Wong and Aric Chen, the creative directors of 100% Design Shanghai, had whittled down the designs to eight finalists. During the judging, most of the proceedings were smooth and fluid—most jurors agreed on which items were good and bad—some deliberations were made on some objects that some jurors loved, but which others didn’t. Lyndon Neri from Design Republic and Mr. Cappellini argued on behalf of a few items that were ultimately jettisoned. Jiang Li, a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, related designs that she had seen in other competitions in China, and gave the jury a perspective from which to understand the work.

Eventually, the jury had decided to award both grand prizes to designers in the student category—a collective decision that was not without some objection. They all felt that the two works—the Solarium Clock, a device that turned a small clock face into a sundial courtesy of an LED, designed by Baoyi Zhang and Lingling Hu, and the DIY Bench by Qianqian Shen, a seemingly simple bench made with arms crafted from different historic styles—were really the strongest of the group, and the merit was in the design.

However, when I think about that complex decision, it actually is quite symbolic of the annual process that we undertake when planning the show. While we are a trade show, we all realize the greater significance of 100% Design in Shanghai—which isn’t about the fair whatsoever but about something inevitable and magnanimous: the rise of China as an important market for everything, including design. The most challenging part of it is that not every company we talk to, or deal with, sees the market from our perspective. After all, we are here living and breathing Shanghai, and trying to understand how China changes all the time. But we are lucky to work with amazing partners. Our main sponsor, Crystallized – Swarovski Element, which sponsors dozens of design projects each year, and Rado, and this year, Airises, a Chinese furniture company from Jinan, China are companies who actively invest in design, and have enabled us build the show makes me grateful.

How to measure whether or not 100% Design Shanghai is successful? Financial success doesn’t not necessarily mean critical success, and vice versa. Do I look at visitor numbers, or do I look at how large our show is? I am the consultant for the show, but I have been involved in the planning of just about every detail of the Shanghai show since its inception in 2007. So we all have a huge stake in its livelihood. I gauge the show’s success as a combination of everything. What it comes down to, I think, is the difference we are making in the civic consciousness of the city. Each year, the best part of the show for me—and how I know 100% Design is making a difference—is when I peek into our conference hall, and I see the space filled with inquisitive minds, each with fresh potential and unbridled enthusiasm. Whether or not our singular projects within 100% Design fail or succeed, what’s important is that we are constantly pushing forward. And of all the things I’ve learned since coming to Shanghai, this is probably the most important lesson, and what comes to mind when I think of China in the 21st Century.

Andrew Yang is the consultant for 100% Design Shanghai.
For more information, visit www.100percentdesign.com.cn

Check following article in the blog of 100% Design Shanghai:
"Are Chinese designers ready for the international arena?"

Design Preis Schweiz 2009

By Radostar on Nov 2nd, 2009 | Events
The Design Preis Schweiz is intended to highlight the importance of Swiss design.

www.designpreis.chEconomic and cultural relevance are the features sought after.
In the light of top quality prize-winning work, the innovative effect of design as a business success factor will be reflected.
Interdisciplinary contacts will encourage dialogue between designers and companies.
Support will be provided for new visions, research projects and implementations in keeping with the market, enabling them to achieve breakthrough.

The Design Preis Schweiz both observes and makes an impression on the market, honours outstanding achievements and sees its role as that of giving uncompromising encouragement to adventurous ideas which will create new paths for the future of design.

A total of 330 projects were submitted, of which the nominators selected 36 to present to the panel of judges:
Konstantin Grcic, KGID / Martin Heller, Heller Enterprises / Ascan Mergenthaler, Herzog & de Meuron / Jasper Morrison, London / Lars Müller, Lars Müller Publishers / Eugenio Perazza, Magis / Robb Young, London / Daniel Zehntner, Eclat.

The experts will select the winners for following prize categories:

  • Market
  • Research
  • Merit
  • Textile Design Awards
  • Rado Product Design Awards

The award ceremony is to take place in Langenthal on November 6, 2009. At the same time, an exhibition of the prize-winning submissions and other nominated projects will be opened in the new “depot for design” in Langenthal from November 7th to December 20th, 2009. It will then be on display on a international roadshow in 2010.

See the nominations and winners: www.designpreis.ch

depot for design

Radostar @ Vienna Design Week

By Radostar on Oct 26th, 2009 | Events

Radostar.com has supported the first ever Vienna Design Week Laboratory. This demonstration laboratory took the design process from the office to the public at large. Designers from various disciplines demonstrated the artistic process of their work and put their ideas and drafts on show.

Radostar.com invited Gabriela Chicherio, product designer from Zurich, to participate. She was selected by «Neigungsgruppe Design», the organizers of the Vienna Design Week.


The crew:

From October 7th to 10th, they presented their «Atelier Couture» project in the VDW Laboratory. This project addresses such questions as:

Textiles normally promise comfort and warmth. But what happens if we take textiles and similar materials out of their normal context? What happens if we use them for structural purposes, for creating structures? What happens if we transfer normal processing methods to other materials?

Mushroom stickers

Textile stickers

Textile structure


Merry-go-round coat rack
Studio Wieki Somers


Jelte van Abbema


The Flying Grass Carpet
HUNK-design & ID-Eddy






best internet application
Onder Anderen
Richard Vijgen, Thomas Kopperschlaeger
best packaging
Atelier LaDurance, promotionele Japanse Denim-verpakking
Boy Bastiaens - Stormhand



best interaction design
Rijkswaterstaat LEF Future Center
Richard Vijgen, Thomas Kopperschlaeger
best integrated brand communication
La Bolleur
La Bolleur, Timon van der Hijden, Zowie Jannink, Steie van Vugt



best motion design
The Big Bank Theory
Postma Graphics & Motion
best graphic design
Lees Mee-braillepostzegels
René Put



best corporate identity
11e Architectuur biënnale in Venetië
best illustration
Gijs Kast





best product mobility
Nuna Buggy
Inspirate BV
best product autonomous design
Real Time
Studio Maarten Baas



best consumer product
Ontwerplabel Vij5
best product fashion, jewellery & accessories
Mummification Herfst Winter 2009/2010
Iris van Herpen



best product industrial
Kitten Scanner
Philips Design
best product living
Porseleinen tafelstukken
Aldo Bakker





best private interior
Doepel Strijkers Architects i.s.m. LEX-Architecten
best interior commercial
Bureau Ira Koers



best public exterior
High Tech Campus
Juurlink [+] Geluk
best interior cultural
Merry-go-round coat rack
Studio Wieki Somers



best product public space
Urban Alliance, Jasper Klinkhamer (Studio Klink), Remco Wilcke (CUBE architect), Hans van Helden en Matthijs ten Berge (illuminate Outdoor Media), Matthias Oostrik
best autonomous spatial design
Flow 5.0
Studio Roosegaarde






BNO - Piet Zwart Life Time Achievement Award

Gert Dumbar


Demakersvan - hekwerk Home Sweet Home





For more information check www.dutchdesignawards.nl

100% design shanghai

By Radostar on Oct 20th, 2009 | Events

100% Design Shanghai and IHDD 2009 kicked off with points of light,
part of a major installation by CRYSTALLIZED - Swarovsky Elements

DESIGNED IN CHINA: The Rado Young Design Prize
announced its two Grand Prize winners
Notable speakers this year include Alan Chan, Tony Chi,
Bertjan Pot and Barber Osgerby, who delivered the keynote talk

100% design shanghai exibition

Shanghai, Oct. 15-17, 2009 - This year, organized by Reed Exhibitions, 100% Design Shanghai and International Home Décor & Design (IHDD) unveiled another stunning and dramatic entrance hall, an illuminated crystal matrix. Designed by Tobias Wong and Aric Chen, the creative directors of 100% Design Shanghai and sponsored by CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements, the concept, Points of Light, was built upon last year’s inaugural installation, which featured an empty grid of bamboo scaffolding and served as a metaphor for the emerging potential of contemporary Chinese design. The crystal matrix was imagining the void as the Points of Light by which contemporary Chinese design is beginning to materialize.

The exhibition also staged the launch of a major program, “DESIGNED IN CHINA: The Rado Young Design Prize”. In this competition, made possible thanks to the support of Rado, two Grand Prize Winners were selected by an international panel of jury [Yves Behar; chief designer and founder, fuseproject (San Francisco) -- Giulio Cappellini; creative director, Cappellini (Milan) -- Rossana Hu; founding partner, Neri & Hu Design and Research Office and Design Republic (Shanghai) -- Jiang Li; associate professor, Schoot of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing) -- Lyndon Neri; founding partner, Neri & Hu Design and Research Office and Design Republic (Shanghai) -- Alasdhair Willis; CEO, Established & Sons (London) -- Shaway Yeh; editorial director (lifestyle), Modern Weekly (Shanghai)].

This year’s winners are:

DIY Bench by Qianqian ShenShen Qianqian, with her piece the DIY Bench
Solarium Clock by Baoyi Zhang and Lingling HuBao Zhang and Hu Lingling, with their design, the Solarium Clock

Both winners are from the Student’s Category and their designs were recognized for the originality and creativity of their approach and for their choice and treatment of materials.

Internationally known designers also made their appearance at the three-day conference during the exhibition. Alan Chan kicked off the Conference program with his topic 100% Life, 100% Design. Tony Chi, whose projects in Shanghai include the Park Hyatt Shanghai and Yé Shanghai Restaurant also shared his experiences in hospitality design. Dutch DFA presented Bertjan Pot, a Dutch designer behind notable products from Moooi, Arco and Montis.

The Keynote Talk was delivered this year by the design duo of Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, who are known for their fluent and reserved design style, and innovation with materials and technology.

Lodz Design Festival 2009 - Poland

By Radostar on Oct 20th, 2009 | Events
Rado Young Design Prize

As partner of Lodz Design Festival the organizers chose the winner of the Rado Young Design Prize and awarded it to the upcoming designer Jakub Sobiepanek at the opening party on Thursday, Octobre 15th. He received a Ceramica Chronograph for his project "The Lace Table", a modern and unique design interpretation of a daily object.

Marek Lis, from Rado and Jakub Sobiepanek, winner of the Rado Young Design Prize

Radostar.com at Lodz Design Festival

The design community radostar.com was introduced in Poland at the Lodz Design Festival and embraced by the polish designers and young talents. The profiles of Rado Young Design Prize winner Jakub Sobiepanek and other polish talents are a highly appreciated completion to the international platform of radostar.com.

Creatives surfing on radostar.com

Jasper Morrison @ Vienna Design Week 2009

By Radostar on Oct 7th, 2009 | Events

Designer Jasper Morrison visited the Vienna Design Week 2009 on October 1st.

He attended the Rado Store Vienna with it's Tape Installation by local designers For Use/Numen. It inspired him to sign the blue chair of the Rado Store Vienna, which every partner of Vienna Design Week displays.

Dutch Design Awards 2009

By Radostar on Oct 2nd, 2009 | Events

During this year Dutch Design Award, two important prizes will be handed over, the Audi Design Award and the Rado Young Designer Award.

Audi Design Award

The Audi Design Award is the public award of the Dutch Design Awards. The selection committee, headed by Floris van Bommel, for the Audi Design Awards selects from all entries six designs that score high in terms of innovation, emotional perception, contemporary look & feel, styling in material and use of colour, originality, sustainability, functionality, user-friendliness, ergonomics, and safety.

The public determines the winner of the Audi Design Award through online voting via www.dutchdesignawards.nl. The name of the winner will be announced during the Award Show on October 17th. Audi Netherlands has initiated and adopted this award because they recognize the role of innovative design more than any other car brand. It is fort hat reason that design has been at the base of the brand for more than one hundred years.

This year's finalists are (in random order):

  • Maarten Baas with Real Time, four film clocks indicate the time by means of images: filmed persons who have taken over the function of the clockface depict the time.
  • Studio Wieki Somers with Merry-go-round coat rack, cloakroom in the entrance hall of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam.
  • Urban Alliance with Moodwall, LED wall connected to a movement detection system as a product to enhance social safety in the public space at shopping centre De Amsterdamse Poort.
  • Firma Rieks Swarte with an animated picture story ‘L'enfant et les Sortilèges' by Maurice Ravel.
  • Aldo Bakker with porcelain table ware, five pieces of porcelain tableware - water carafe, milk jug, saltshaker, bowl for olive oil, and vinegar bottle.
  • Eddy Kaijser, Bart Cardinaal & Nadine Roos with The Flying Grass Carpet, a simple, moveable temporary urban park in the form of a synthetic grass rug. The urban space becomes (temporarily) an interior.


Rado Young Designer Award - High calibre finalists

Nominated for the originality and creativity of their approach and for their choice and treatment of materials, three candidates have been selected unanimously by a panel of experts in order to receive the Rado Young Designer Award.

In no particular order, they are:

  • Mattijs van Bergen, a stylist whose approach lies at the crossroads of fashion and a form of graphic expression, and whose models’ lines and materials are structured and finely worked in full elegance.
  • Atelier NL, comprising two designers who demonstrate the extent to which creative research represents an essential part of design, with objects that reveal the very essence of their craftsmanship.
  • Jelte van Abbema, a creator whose reflection on the nature of time involves a working method that harnesses the computer sciences and/or biochemistry, to open up a veritable creative vision of the transient.

Envisaging the future in a new light. Because of the inherent passion which comes with youth and the ability to use this to their advantage with their talent and look to the future, one of these three finalists will receive an amount of EURO 10,000 as well as communication and marketing support from Rado. Introduced during the 2008 Dutch Design Awards, this prize enables the watch brand to reaffirm its credibility and renew its support for the creation of tomorrow’s world.

The Award Show will take place on October 17 in Eindhoven.

For further information visit www.dutchdesignawards.nl.

Design Days Geneva - Insight

By Radostar on Sep 24th, 2009 | Competition

Specially conceived for Design Days Geneva, the “Radostar Airbags” exhibition presented in collaboration with Adrien Rovero, displayed the works of 11 young designers, who have published their work on the radostar.com platform.

Little 'extra', as mentionned by the curator: “Thanks to the presence of the designers from “Radostar Airbags”, a fresh air blew in Geneva during the official opening of Design Days”.

Design Days Geneva - competition results

By Radostar on Sep 10th, 2009 | Competition

Design meets fashion. Within the context of a combined exhibition, Design Days enables fashion creators and dress designers to come together with architectural designers and interior decorators and show off their creations to the public and the trade.

The famous Swiss watch brand is today renewing this privileged link with the world of contemporary design. In its capacity as main partner, it is presenting the Design Days Exhibition, organized for the third consecutive year by the “edelweiss” and “Espaces Contemporains” magazines, from 17 to 20 September 2009 in the “Quartier des Bains” of Geneva.

The “Radostar Airbags” exhibition, presented in collaboration with Adrien Rovero will display the works of 11 young designers, who have published their work on the radostar.com platform. As a little ‘extra’, the laureates will be present at the inaugural evening, which is to take place on 17 September 2009. Specially conceived for Design Days Geneva, this exhibition demonstrates once again the ongoing commitment of the Brand, ready to support and promote young creative talent all over the world.

The 11 finalists and their works:

Simplicity collection ¦ Kirsty Whyte Particle Credenza ¦ Jens Praet Tischerl ¦ Nicole Aebischer gruff ¦ Real-made Babel ¦ Gabriela Chicherio Tango ¦ Gabriela Chicherio Pyrus ¦ Mark Braun www.designdays.ch Brickchair ¦ Pepe Heykoop Simplicity collection ¦ Kirsty Whyte 3x ¦ Lifegoods Layers of time ¦ Roland Pieter Smit 2-20 Children desk ¦ Lifegoods System Fast ¦ Francis Chabloz Le cageot ¦ Sibylle Stoeckli

The Great Indoors Calls For Entries

By Radostar on Sep 8th, 2009 | Call for entries

The Great Indoors invites designers, architects and clients to submit their work for The Great Indoors Award. The award holds a total of prize money of €30,000. Deadline for submission is 30 September.

The Great Indoors 2009

Four awards will go to the most innovative designs for public and commercial spaces (€5,000 each). One will be awarded to the best interior design firm (€10,000).

Categories are:
  • Show & Sell (Retail)
  • Relax & Consume (Leisure)
  • Concentrate & Collaborate (Work)
  • Serve & Facilitate (Public)
  • Interior Design Firm of the Year

All non-residental interior designs and installations realised between August 2007 and August 2009 can be submitted. An international jury of design professionals will select five nominees in all categories. Mid-October all nominees will be announced. In each category a winner is chosen who will be awarded at a festive ceremony in Maastricht on 28 November 2009.

Visit www.the-great-indoors.com to apply and for more info, news and updates.

Initiators of The Great Indoors Award are FRAME magazine; Marres CCC and The Netherlands Architecture Institute/ Bureau Europa.

I.D. 2010 Annual Design Review

By Radostar on Sep 4th, 2009 | Call for entries

I.D. 2010 Annual Design Review

New for the 2010 Annual Design Review competition:
The Rado Young Talent Design Award

Categories include:
  • Consumer products
  • Graphics
  • Packaging
  • Furniture
  • Environments
  • Equipment
  • Interactive
  • Concepts
  • Student Work

The Rado Young Talent Design Award, a cash prize of $10,000, will be awarded for innovative technology and materials in student design.

All students who enter the Student Work category of the 2010 Annual Design Review will be eligible for the award and one design will be chosen for the money prize of $10,000.

The deadline for Annual Design Review submissions is December 1, 2009.
Enter online today or click here to download an entry form!

What is design?

By Radostar on Sep 1st, 2009 | Guest Editors

Indesign Publisher and Managing Director, Raj Nandan, talks about design

Raj Nandan

What is design? Having spent 20 years in the design industry looking at design, talking about design and publishing design magazines, this is still a tricky question to answer. What might be easier is to say what it isn’t. Walking through the Milan Furniture Fair earlier this year, which was nearly 150,000 square metres of new design, it would be easy to think that design is just the latest products by Patricia Urquiola, Karim Rashid, or Philippe Starck, or the Bouroullec brothers.

But design isn’t just about stuff. Many designers dedicate their lives to reducing waste, not creating it – by creating objects with extended lives so they don’t have to be replaced so often – or by creating objects that give an object a second life – or by making sure that they can be properly recycled afterwards.

Design also isn’t just about pretty things. Bringing out an old object in a new colourway is not design. Design is about making life better – about creating objects that make life easier to live, make things run more smoothly – or about creating things that people will cherish their whole lives and pass onto future generations.

At Indesign, we’re more interested in the people who save their money for years to buy that perfect design piece, than in those who replace their furnishings every season to fit in with this year’s trends.

Because design is not about trends, it is about quality and longevity, and about creating a life that is better in design.

Indesign Publisher and Managing Director - www.indesignlive.com

Radostar @ Design Days Geneva 2009

By Radostar on Jul 24th, 2009 | Competition
Design Days Geneva 2009

Where design disciplines fusion. A place where fashion designers and stylists come together with furniture and interior designers to showcase their work to the public as well as professionals.

This year only will also see the introduction of contemporary art.

One of the key features of radostar.com is the ability to give its community exposure as well as recognition by allowing them to publish and share work, not only with their peers but also with potential employers.

During Design Days 2009 Rado, the Swiss watchmaker and design pioneer, will collaborate with Espaces Contemporains, the Swiss design and architecture magazine, to stage an exhibition in Geneva. Another visionary project by Rado, a brand dedicated to looking towards the future.

10 European designers who have posted their work in the “product design” section of radostar.com will be selected by an expert panel of journalists and designers from Switzerland. They will have their work showcased during Design Days 2009 by famous designer Adrien Rovero and will also be invited to present their work on the opening night. The exhibition will take place September 17 - 20, 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Be part of the event in Geneva and accept the invitation on facebook

Realizing visions

By Radostar on Apr 21st, 2009 | Guest Editors


A vision is more than an idea: It is the representation of a coherent scenario that goes beyond concrete individual objects. A new drinking glass is not a vision, but may well be a more economical way of handling water. Nowadays, such visions are expected of us designers. How are we to deal with visions?

First of all, it should be clear that a vision actually stems from our own fantasy. Aren’t we too strongly influenced by trends or other people’s suggestions? And be careful with visions late at night…

The next thing is to find out, whether there are good questions, to which our vision provides an answer. It makes no difference, who asked these questions, or if we still have to ask them first. What can people do with our vision in the future? Are we going to create something of general benefit through it?

Our vision may possibly appear to be incompatible with existing circumstances. This can be related to the vision or the circumstances. We are free to overcome conventions and currently strictly-defined boundaries, if we are to convince our fellow men about it.

The freedom of our ideas stops with the freedom of other people. Are we certain that our vision will have no adverse economic, social or ecological impact on other people? We are responsible for its realization.

That we initially do not understand our vision too well in reality, indicates that we are venturing into new territory. It is up to us to throw safety to the winds, dare to take a first step and look around for knowledgeable assistance locally. This may not be easy to accept, but we learn from it.

If the realization of our vision transpires to be easy, be wary: have we simply fallen in love with the first idea to come along? Are there capable people who are assessing our intentions with a critical eye? Sharing our vision with other people makes its realization simpler and more gratifying.

We create conditions for achievements, which are ahead of their time. It is in the nature of things, that such achievements are only recognized as visionary after some time. A project for the future.

The images: in the Bolzano Beach project, the students did not design a new deck chair, but a complete beach, and built it in the middle of Bolzano, in front of the University.

Faculty for Art & Design; Free University of Bozen - Bolzano

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